Boss 950 Adjustable Bed

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for your body. An adequate amount of sleep helps you function and be prepared to take on the day. If you wake up tired and in pain, these are signs it's time to get a new bed. Investing in an adjustable bed will change the way you sleep forever. 

Introducing The Boss Adjustable Bed Model 950

Lumbar Support

The Boss Bed model 950 features lumbar support that is adjustable to fit your needs, so your back has the proper support while you sleep. Proper lumbar support relieves back pain and stiffness.

Ultra Quiet Motor

A quiet motor allows you to move the bed in any position you want without disturbing your partner. You may want to stay up and read a book, work, or watch tv, and you can do all of these activities while your partner remains sound asleep.

Electrical Outlets

With electrical outlets, you don't have to worry about plugging in multiple extension cords and making your bedroom a fire hazard. The Model 950 Boss Bed features electrical outlets you can use for your laptop or other devices without having to stretch or pull charging cords for your phone or other electrical devices.

1000-Pound Weight Limit

A 1000-pound weight limit gives you peace of mind knowing you can rest safely and peacefully without worrying about injuring yourself or damaging the best.

Programmable Custom Positions

You can easily program three different positions for your bed, including, reading, watching tv, and other positions. With this programmable solution, you don't have to worry about trying to find the right angle to see the TV perfectly or being at the perfect angle to read a book.

Heavy Duty Equipment

The Boss Bed model 950 features sturdy, heavy-duty equipment that helps you get a good night's sleep. A lot of adjustable beds are made from a material that is sturdy, but it is not ideal for frequent, long-term use. The heavy-duty equipment featured with the model 950 Boss Bed allows you to sleep in any position you like without worrying about a defective, flimsy build.

Head and Foot Articulation

Head and foot articulation raises your feet to the exact level of your heart in a zero-gravity position. These adjustments are beneficial for relieving stress, alleviating sore joints and muscles, and eliminate snoring. Head and foot articulation helps provide the most comfortable, highest level of personal comfort.

Wallhugger Engineering

Wall-hugger engineering keeps everything within reach while you're in the bed, such as your nightstand or small side table. You never have to worry about being too far from your nightstand or other items you put close to your bed. This type of engineering ensures you are close to the things you need and saves space in a room.

Without proper sleep, you can't function, you're in a bad mood, and you don't feel your best. The Boss Bed model 950 adjustable bed helps you get an adequate amount of sleep and feel fully refreshed in the morning. Adjustable beds are for everyone regardless of their favourite sleep position. A good night's sleep is something you don't have to compromise with the model 950 Boss Bed.