HyperDrii Prevents Mould

HyperDrii Prevents Mould

July 11, 2022 0 Comments

Why does mould grow under RV or boat cushions and mattresses?

A common condition in recreational vehicles and boats is an inconsistent temperature that may be both a heating or cooling condition. This irregular heating and cooling effect can cause damp conditions in closed areas and be the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew.

Moisture is the Culprit

The effect of cool and damp conditions are symptomatic of mouldy environments because they promote mould growth. In tight, poorly ventilated areas, moisture condenses on hard surfaces and then becomes trapped, particularly under mattresses and cushions. The base of a deck can become cool which then condenses, trapping the warm air.

Once moisture forms, mould will inevitably start to take hold. This is because mould spores are literally everywhere. The only thing that prevents mould from taking hold outdoors is the presence of direct sunlight. Have you ever noticed that moss and mould forms on only one side of a rock or tree - on the side that is hidden from sunlight?

Poor ventilation is often the most likely culprit to mould growth. Air circulation is vital for increasing evaporation and removing moist air. Boats, cabins and RV's are prime areas for mould because enclosed areas have limited ways to vent condensed moisture, as well as what people emit - perspiration and breathing.

Standing, moist air often is easily trapped under damageable items such as pillows, cushions and mattresses. Because the moisture is not allowed to evaporate, is poorly ventilated and it is hidden from direct sunlight, it will provide the ideal growth medium for mould spores and bacteria. Creating an air flow exchange is crucial, and not possible when mattresses and cushions are placed directly on a cool surface that are prone to condensation.

Ventilation is the Solution

Proper ventilation is absolutely necessary in the fight to prevent mould and mildew. Simply airing out your RV or boat cabin from time to time is really not enough. You need to take extra precaution and ensure that moisture does not ruin damageable items such as pillows, cushions and mattresses. Mattresses are especially costly to replace, and it is reasonable to spend a few extra dollars to protect them.

Did you know that there was a simple, cost-effective solution to protecting RV and boat cushions and mattresses? HyperDrii ventilation mat is the perfect solution to protect RV and boat mattresses from mould! Simply place a layer of HyperDrii between the deck and anything you wish to protect - cushions or mattresses - and voila! Moisture will not be allowed to form and start the moulding process. HyperDrii allows for air to freely circulate underneath and keeps it far away from any contact with moisture. It really is the perfect solution!

HyperDrii is made of a strong polymer constructed into a durable webbing that keep the item away from any moisture. It is 3/4" inches in height and will not depress even under the heaviest items placed on top.

HyperDrii is conveniently sold in all common sizes. It is also sold by the linear foot. Calculate the total area you need and trim the excess accordingly.

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