Our Story

The Most Natural Sleep in the World

Go Rest mattress core and toppers are
100% certified carbon-neutral organic latex

We’re Thrilled to Offer You The World's First
Customizable 100% Organic Latex Mattress
with a 90 Night's Sleep Guarantee
and 25 Year Warrantee


Independently Certified.

Ethically Unique.





Our 100% organic latex Organic One mattress models are customizable and can be modified, both now, and as your needs change. The G5 models offer further interchangeability allowing the latex layers to be customized well into the future.


Organic latex is consistent and incredibly durable. Latex offers complete support. Where coil mattresses offer only limited support over time and memory foam is too soft, or too hot, organic latex strikes the perfect balance of support and temperature regulation. Have pain or injuries? Our natural, organic latex mattresses offer highly effective long term support for problems like lower back pain, fibromyalgia & arthritis.


Natural latex doesn’t degrade over time and release harmful compounds into the air. It is completely non-toxic. And it ensures a life time of comfort. We’re so confident in our mattress that we offer an incredible 25 year warranty.


Your Mattress For Life 

Your organic latex mattress is completely customizable and can be modified, both now, and as your needs change. Because the latex core is virtually unchangeable when cared for properly, the latex toppers can be customized well into the future. Low impact - on your wallet and the environment. Just think - you’ll likely never need another mattress!

Performance Guarantee

No two people are the same. That’s why, during your first 90 nights, we offer our 90 Night Comfort Guarantee. For best results, sleep on it for an initial 30 days and let your body acclimatize to the superior resting quality.

Our guarantee offers you individualized support through direct contact with our Support Team to help you customize the firmness of your mattress that will give you the best sleep results possible. Each organic latex mattress is comprised of several individual latex layers that can be interchanged to achieve the most desirable comfort level. Your comfort is guaranteed.

We guarantee the use of the highest quality materials available, free from manufacturers defects and potential damage caused by shipping.