Hypervent is Easy to Use

Hypervent is Easy to Use

April 05, 2022 0 Comments

Hypervent is one of the most practical solutions you'll find for venting dampness and preventing moisture from sticking around that can cause damage to fabrics and soft materials in poorly ventilated areas.

When you order Hypervent it is cut to size, packaged and shipped to you. When you receive it, simply unroll it and then you can size it up and customize to your exact dimension. Hypervent is very malleable, very usable.

When we ship it, we ship it in standard sizes. We package it like this and then we ship it directly to you. It's pretty lightweight, so it's fairly easy and cost effective to ship. When you get it, it can be unrolled and fitted to boat berths and environments such as RV's and cabins.

Standard scissors will easily cut it to the size that you want. The backing is something you can draw on to get the exact size you want it. And it'll cut and fit easily around posts and other things that are unique to your space,

Hypervent is so flexible it'll fit into kind of areas where it needs to be placed - perhaps on the bottom of footlockers or bilges. When you place Hypervent under the mattress or cushion. The mattress itself goes on top of it. So this is your sub floor sub sub floor, your base. The Hypervent mat is placed with the curly side down, otherwise it'll damage your mattress or cushion. Make sure the piece of Hypervent is placed the right side up because it forms a smooth platform and will not damage material or soft items.

It's hard to compress and will support a very heavy amount of weight. There will always be an airspace, so if moisture ever does get trapped, and moisture is not going to affect the mattress or cushions. The airspace will promote drying and any moisture will just evaporate over time.

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