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Hypervent vs. HyperDrii

December 31, 2021 0 Comments

What's special about Hypervent?

There's really not much that is special about Hypervent - one of the the most recognized brand of specialized ventilation matting available. Cool, damp, enclosed indoor environments, such as in boats and RV's are especially susceptible to mould and mildew that can easily find a home underneath bedding and cushions.

The Hypervent mat is really quite simply constructed and made with only 2 materials. Made with a firm but random series of thick coiled polypropylene strands that create a firm, but mainly open space so that damp air can easily be vented. The woven mat is affixed to a light synthetic fabric layer providing a smooth surface that a mattress or cushion can rest on.

Hypervent is ingeniously simple yet highly effective in preventing the damage of moisture under mattresses, cushions and other sensitive materials. The matting can be used for many other uses as well, in new building construction as well as keeping even heavy objects away from potentially moisture trapped surfaces.

What's the Difference Between Hypervent and HyperDrii?


Hypervent is a proven material for the crucial prevention of fungal growth which is why it is the preferred material in use for boaters and cottage owners alike. But are there any alternatives? Hypervent is certainly the preferred solution to other types of limited remedies such as desiccant materials which are hygroscopic substances used to induce or sustain a state of dryness by removing moisture from the air. But there are similar materials on the market, such as HyperDrii, which is constructed in much the same way, with similar materials.

HyperDrii is made strands of thick and stiff polypropylene, though it is not grey, but white when compared to Hypervent. It is also more uniform  and less random, which actually improves the way it can be cut more squarely. When you trim Hypervent, it is often much harder to get a straight cut.

Other than the obvious differences, HyperDrii is almost indistinguishable from Hypervent, though with one important difference: it is less expensive. Hypervent is also next to impossible to find in Canada. Not so with HyperDrii. Not only it is less expensive, but it is readily available in Canada, though Go Rest.

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