Go Rest Natural Latex Memory Foam

Natural Latex Memory Foam

April 04, 2021 0 Comments

What is Natural Latex Memory Foam?

“Natural Latex Memory Foam” is a term used by specific mattress “manufacturers” to describe their environmental and health benefits. Without going too far down the rabbit hole of the claims made, there really can be no such thing as a “natural latex” that is also “memory foam.” These are two separate substances, as “natural latex” is actually natural and “memory foam” is not, and made entirely from petrochemicals which have VOCs. The two materials are distinct but could be made into a mattress with separate layers. But you still couldn’t make the claim that the mattress was made with “natural latex memory foam.”


The false and misleading claims made by mattress sellers are myriad, and sometimes even challenged by the Federal Trade Commission who charged “companies with making unsupported claims that the mattresses they sell are free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).” The FTC “challenged one company’s claim that its mattresses are made from 100 percent natural materials, and another company’s claim that its mattresses were certified by an organic mattress organization.” If you take the time to read through the charges against them, they revolve around the lack of scientific data to prove that they are VOC free. The FTC prohibited such representations of VOC claims, of “odor free claims and comparative odor claims, environmental benefit or attribute claims, certain health claims made about mattresses, and natural claims.


Go Rest uses only 100% certified organic, and therefore natural latex in all of its mattresses and toppers. And while we say that our mattresses are made or assembled in Canada, we can't claim that the latex is manufactured in Canada because natural latex only comes from a small number of tropical countries, including Sri Lanka, where our supply originates.


If you want a natural, healthy alternative to polyurethane foam or coils, or anything questionable such as natural latex memory foam, discover all the benefits of 100% organic latex. See the entire Go Rest organic latex mattress collection.

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