What Is Wrong With Latex Mattresses?

What Is Wrong With Latex Mattresses?

November 23, 2021 0 Comments

Buying a mattress can be challenging because of the numerous factors you'll need to consider to make sure that you'll get the best value for money. Unlike buying a new phone or car, you have to do thorough research because having a good night's sleep can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. A restful sleep makes your day productive. Searching for the best mattresses for your needs doesn't have to be difficult, here's how you can find the best option.

Important Considerations When Buying A New Mattress

Know your budget

A mattress is considered an investment and quality, in most cases, comes at a price. The level of comfort you'll get from your mattress will depend on the price. There are lots of budget mattresses you can find in the market that can provide you with both comfort and support. There are also average-priced mattresses from top-dog brands that tick all the right boxes. You might want to consider affordable luxury mattresses because they come with a dual-layer innerspring design, active cooling cover, and extra support. While they may not be as pricey as luxury mattresses, they're a cost-effective option with all the bells and whistles. Then there's a luxury mattress that's thick and created with multiple support layers and comfort.

Identify the position you sleep in the most 

Side Sleeper

If you're a side sleeper, you'll feel the most comfortable on mattresses with soft to medium-firmness because they conform to the curvature of your side and hips without hurting your joints. 

Back and stomach Sleeper

A medium to firm mattress is suitable for people who like to sleep on their stomach or back. These mattresses are capable of providing enough support to your back and spine.

Combination Back, Stomach and Side Sleeper

If you sleep in every position, you will need to choose a middle-of-the-road mattress with medium firmness, but offers enough support for your back and stomach while also providing you relief when sleeping on your side. 

Determine your body type

Once you have properly identified your sleeping position, the next factor to consider is your weight or BMI. Weight distribution plays a vital role in knowing how firm or soft your bed will feel. A medium mattress will feel soft for heavier individuals while lighter individuals will find the mattress firmer. This is because if you're on a heavier side, you exert more pressure into your mattress and this will result, making your sleep experience plusher. If you weigh 250 pounds and you sleep on your back or stomach, a medium-firm mattress is ideal for you. 

Hybrid mattresses are suitable for those who have larger body types. This type of mattress refers to beds with both innerspring and foam. Hybrid mattresses provide more support than all-foam mattresses and they also last longer.

Know the materials you prefer

While memory foam is a popular type of mattress, it isn't the only mattress you should consider because there are many options to explore including latex foam. Latex mattresses are antimicrobial, breathable, and hypoallergenic. 

They're also spongelike and bouncy. Memory foam can relieve pressure and will give you a feeling as though the bed is hugging you. However, it tends to retain heat and may not be suitable for combo sleepers because it switching positions causes resistance.

Latex foam is durable but is more expensive than memory foam. Latex foam beds are also heavier. Polyfoam, on the other hand, is light and airy but not as durable as memory and latex foam.

Are you buying in-store or online? 

These days, buying mattresses is more convenient because of digital channels. However, there are buyers who still prefer to buy in-store so they can lay on beds and determine if it's a perfect match for their needs. When buying a mattress online, you'll need to take the time to do thorough research to find out the setbacks and benefits. If you decide to shop in-store, you'll have the freedom to test the beds before you commit to buying them. If you're a master haggler, you can even talk to the salesperson and negotiate the best price.

Since buying mattresses online can be risky, sellers would usually attract potential buyers by providing free shipping, a free trial policy, and even a solid warranty. Convenience is one thing you will like about purchasing your mattress online. Be sure to read reviews so you will have an idea if the seller stands by their words.

What Is Off-Gassing?

There's a reason why buying a new mattress takes time. If you are doing your research, you might already be aware of off-gassing, a term used for describing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from the mattress. Whether you're putting a fresh coat of paint or installing floor coverings, you're also exposed to VOCs. While further studies are still needed to prove the long-term effects of VOCs on one's health, it's still recommended to allow off-gassing products enough time to settle. You're more likely to introduce these chemicals into the air:

  • Benzene Perchloroethylene
  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Benzene
  • Toluene
  • Methylene chloride

VOCs can also be present in dry cleaning solutions and cleaning products. These products are even considered the worst source of off-gassing. Off-gassing takes place when you open sealed items. There are even instances when these items are off-gas for months. Mattresses don't have enough airflow causing toxic chemicals to be trapped in the polyurethane foam. Your new non-latex mattress will emit a strong smell when you open and remove the mattress from the box.

Off-gassing may take days or even weeks. The length of off-gassing depends on whether you're using an air filter or you're opening your windows when sleeping to allow fresh air to circulate. If you use an air filter, you're also boosting air quality and minimizing the effects of the off-gassing process. Another factor that affects the duration of the off-gassing process is the thickness of your foam. If you have a thick foam, off-gassing may take longer than mattresses that are less dense.

The method of packing has an impact on the length of off-gassing. There are companies that allow the mattress to off-gas first before packing them. While this practice may not completely prevent your mattress from releasing chemicals, it will still be beneficial in terms of shortening the release process when you open the box and take out your new mattress. 

The Dangers of Off-Gassing

You can be exposed to VOCs through household cleaners and paint. That's why nail polish remover, toilet bowl cleaner, air fresheners, and glass cleaners have warnings about throat irritation, nausea, dizziness, and eye and skin irritation. Compared to these substances, mattresses have a lower toxicity profile. While you may experience a few side effects like nose and eye irritation from the fumes of mattresses for a few weeks, these harmful compounds will go away as soon as VOCs have been released.

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