90 Night Sleep Guarantee

We fully guarantee our products and offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our mattresses, toppers and components. We offer a no hassle guarantee, and have a comprehensive exchange return policy. If after delivery, and before 90 nights have expired, and you are unsatisfied, we will ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

We are convinced that because we offer the best mattress available, you too will be convinced and satisfied that you have made a wise decision and taken one of the most important steps to ensure that you will get the best sleep possible. 


Go Rest offers a comprehensive warranty for mattresses (excluding toppers, pillows, adjustable beds and other products), limited by the following factors for all of the 100% organic latex mattresses that we carry. Our "90 Night Sleep Guarantee" is limited only by the following conditions:

  1. Improperly cared for (rips, tears, wearing, staining),
  2. Subjected to poor hygiene (organic staining, perspiration, or body odour, etc), and
  3. If any of the certification labels are not intact.

If, after delivery and before you’ve slept on the mattress for 90 nights, and you aren’t convinced that you have purchased the best mattress for the best sleep, we will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.

We strongly recommend, and insist that you allow your body time to adjust to the new feeling of support for a full 30 nights sleep before proceeding with any concerns.

After 30 days and you still have concerns, the first step is to contact our support team and allow us to work with you to adjust or further customize your mattress for your specific sleep needs. Please recognize the fact that the feel and scent of natural latex is superior but noticeably different than synthetic foam. Our customer service might involve removing or rotating individual layers and making the recommended layer adjustments. To help you to resolve any issues, schedule a call with us and we will call back at the appointed time, or call 1-778-800-0191. 

If, and after we've exhausted all of the options including the further customizing or rearranging the individual layers, and you aren't completely satisfied, you may make arrangements to ship back the individual product that needs to be replaced, at your cost. 

When we have received the product and have determined that it has not been damaged in any way, we will ship you another individual layer to resolve your comfort issue. We will supply the required latex layer to you at no charge, you pay only shipping the previous layer to us and the new one to you. If possible, you are to use the package supplied or use similar, suitable packaging to ship it back.

In the event that the entire mattress is not to your satisfaction, and we exhausted all other options and have determined that we cannot rectify the issue, we will arrange to pick up the mattress and returned to us, at your cost, and exchange it for a mattress of equal or lessor value, on a prorated basis. We aim to make this as hassle free as possible. Please understand that due to health reasons, used mattresses cannot be restocked and resold.


The guarantee for toppers is separate from that of mattresses. We fully guarantee the workmanship and quality of each topper. A correctly specified topper will perform to exacting standards, but it cannot be expected to improve a failed mattress. If your mattress has failed beyond the guidelines of the mattress manufacturer's guidelines, a topper will not correct it. Toppers cannot be restocked or resold, due to health reasons.

If a topper has been incorrectly specified by us, and if, after 30 nights and before 90 nights you are unsatisfied, we will, under certain circumstances, replace the topper. We will arrange to ship the topper from you back to us at your cost. After it has been determined that the topper has been received in good order, we will ship the replacement topper back to you, again at your cost. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a full refund policy for toppers.

Go Rest Pillows & Bedding Products Policy

The guarantee for pillows and bedding is separate from that of mattresses and toppers. Due to health reasons, we cannot offer any return policy for pillows and bedding products. However, we will take the time to answer any questions that you might have to specify the correct product and allay any concern with regard to its quality.

To restate it, we fully guarantee the workmanship our mattresses, toppers and other components. We offer a no hassle policy on mattresses. Before making a claim, ensure that these steps have been taken:

      • To ensure top performance individual mattress and topper layers must be flipped and rotated every three months. 
      • Please make note of the sequence of the layers before flipping your mattress components, making sure to replace them in the proper order.
      • In the event of a return of any mattress and topper for underperformance or failure and after 90 days, the value of the mattress core and toppers will be prorated, based on time in years that it is used, up to 25 years for 100% Organic Latex mattresses, and 15 years for 100% Organic Latex toppers, or 20% off next purchase.
      • Go Rest organic latex mattresses are covered by a 25 Year warranty consisting of a 2 year non-prorated warranty, followed by an 23 year prorated warranty. The invoice that you received at the time of purchase will act as your warranty.
      • Go Rest organic latex toppers are covered by a 15 Year Warranty consisting of a 2 year non-prorated warranty, followed by a 13 year prorated warranty. The invoice that you received at the time of purchase will act as your warranty.
      • Go Rest adjustable beds are warranteed against faulty workmanship. Should there be a valid reason to return an adjustable bed, it will be subject to a 30% restocking fee and all of the related shipping costs to return and resend the product.

Certain conditions apply : 

  • Prior to arranging deliver you must ensure that the mattress is not damaged, have odours or be visibly soiled in anyway. 
  • Our serviceable area for mattress pickups and returns applies to the continental United States and Canada only.
  • If you have financed your mattress through our third-party financing option, you’ll receive a full refund less any applicable financing fees paid to date directly to them. 
  • All purchased products must be in a condition suitable for donation to be eligible for return (i.e. no stains, tears, excessive odours or soiling). 
  • The risk - free sleep trial is limited to two of each particular product type per initial order. If you return a mattress from any order, you are not eligible for an additional 90 night trial on future mattress orders.