Organic Latex Toppers

If you’re going to spend one-third of your life sleeping, you might as well do it right. Our sleep affects our focus, mood, and even health. That’s something worth investing in - an organic latex mattress topper.

But finding a mattress that offers both comfort and functionality can be pretty tricky. Your current mattress might be causing discomfort and pain. You might be thinking that your only alternative is to purchase a new one. However, purchasing a new mattress can be relatively expensive, especially if you’re not planning for it.

But there's an option you probably haven’t explored – buying a latex mattress topper.

The Go Rest organic latex mattress topper collection has non-toxic and sustainable mattress topper options. Carefully created with the finest organic materials and standard Dunlop manufacturing processes, its range of benefits is unparalleled. 

Go Rest latex toppers are 100% organic certified. We are proud to carry Latex Green dunlop latex with the highest certification from GOLSCertiPur-US,Oeko-Tex and Carbon Neutral. If you’ve been looking for organic latex mattress toppers in Canada, here’s a bit more about our Go Rest collection and what they offer you and your precious night’s rest.


Go Rest Organic Latex Mattress Topper Collection 

  • Options of 2, 3, and 4-inch thickness for Sky2, Sky3, and Sky4 Organic Latex Toppers
  • The sustainable Dunlop manufacturing process
  • Soft and supportive materials
  • Firmness options of 15, 22, 32, 38 ILDs
  • Optional removable organic cotton cover
  • An amazing warranty – 15 years.

What's Inside?

Let’s take a look at what’s in our Go Rest mattress topper collection. Depending on your choice and preferences, your topper can be wrapped in a removable organic cotton cover to help regulate your temperature, giving you that breathability and comfort for a more restful sleeping experience. So, after removing this cover, what can you find?

100% Natural, Organic and Sustainable Latex

Go Rest organic latex mattress topper

The Go Rest Sky2, Sky3, and Sky4 collections feature a 100% natural Dunlop latex foam. Carefully crafted from organic sources, this collection features such as high performance, unrivaled resilience, and durability. Aside from this, the material also provides excellent temperature control attributes that significantly surpass any synthetic-blended, polyurethane, or petroleum-based foams.

The latex used in these toppers was made with maximum attention to detail. The Dunlop manufacturing process used presents a more eco-friendly alternative than Talalay. Talalay uses chemicals for its processing, which may consequently affect its user's health. However, this material is naturally tapped with multiple certifications, meaning we've constantly tested it for hazardous substances and materials to ensure that it is free of them.

Compared to traditional memory foam, our organic latex topper collection offers a more anti-microbial and temperature-optimized alternative. The firm topper has a 38ILD (Indentation Load Deflection), the medium has a 32ILD, plush features a 22ILD, while the super-soft has a 15ILD. With these, we have pressure-relieving and sleep-enhancing options for you, no matter your sleeping style, position, or duration. All of our options have no chemical adhesives or synthetic latex, so you don’t need to worry about it wearing and breaking down as time passes.

Features and Benefits

Now that you have an idea of what this mattress features in and out, let’s dive into its overall performance.


The ideal bedroom temperature should range between 60-67°F. Obviously, if your room is cooler, you’ll sleep better than if you were warmer. However, we know you don’t always have control over the temperature. This is where our Go Rest latex toppers in Canada come in handy.

The Dunlop manufacturing process presents a naturally cooler option than the conventional memory form. The toppers imitate the impressive cushioning effect of our Go Rest mattress collections. It features some thermoregulation properties, which help you wick away moisture, helping you stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

If you opt for our removable organic cotton covering, you can enjoy additional breathability and an even stronger cooling effect. As soon as you come home and crash on your bed, it immediately cools you down. Even if you suffer from medical conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, you’ll enjoy the cooling and soothing feelings it offers your sore joints.

Sinkage and Firmness

Are you looking to sink into the comfort of a softer mattress instead of your stiff one? You’ll love our plush latex mattress topper. Or perhaps, you have a soft mattress that you’d prefer to be a bit more firm. Either way, we have viable options for you. No matter your sleep style and preferences, we have the specs and features tailored to meet your sleep requirements.

If you are a stomach sleeper, the firm option will indeed help you attain the best possible sleeping experience. With our other available firmness options, you’re sure to find one that aligns with your habits, whether you're a back or side-sleeper. 

Imagine having a mattress that doesn’t sink and makes you feel like you’re floating above the clouds. Heaven on earth, right? Every sleeper’s dream! Whether you are laying or sitting on it, our collection works to give you even support at every necessary pressure point in your body.


In terms of comfort, when choosing Go Rest latex mattress topper, Canada, you can be sure of the best sleep experience ever. Generally, if you are the type who wakes up with some forms of body pain, you can find the appropriate thickness and firmness that will go a long way in relieving your pain. The bounce-back is impressive and won't suck you in like conventional memory foam. Our latex toppers do an excellent job of making you feel like you aren't even pushing it down.

Motion Transfer Reduction

One of the most notable features of this latex topper is the absence of motion transfer. This is partly due to how dense the inner part of this topper collection is. It is the best option for couples or more than one person sleeping on the mattress. With our zero motion transfer, neither of you will feel the movement of another. You can toss and turn as much as you want, and your partner won't feel it. Asides from its durability and longevity, this is one of the impressive benefits this natural latex topper collection offers.

In essence, our latex mattress topper collection comprises carefully designed and top-notch products. Whether you prefer soft or firm mattresses, we have a topper for you. They will make anybody sleeping on them happy that they invested in their sleep.

Overall, we are striving to eliminate the skepticism that surrounds latex and redefining it into the best fit for the perfect sleeping experience. By a mile, this organic latex mattress topper Canada collection will be the best you’ve ever had a chance to try out.