Organic Latex Mattress Toppers

Having a comfy bed can be your best solution to a peaceful and restful night's sleep. It is a vital part of keeping healthy. Although there are many options on the market, varying from bare-bones beds to high-end adjustable model mattresses, it is not always imperative to get rid of the whole mattress to make our beds feel new. Sometimes a mattress topper is all that you need to add on a higher level of comfortability and support to your sleep. If you would like a greener, more environmentally friendlier option than the famous memory foam toppers, a good option would be a 100% organic topper in one of our latex mattress topper Canada collection.

Most of the customers nowadays are becoming increasingly interested in organically created bedding rather than ones made from conventional materials, as they provide a healthy and sound slumber. Nevertheless, most of these customers usually have the idea that they do want to shop for natural products, without knowing anything solid about the subject. Hence, when they hear the word latex concerning mattresses or latex mattress toppers, their initial thoughts are: "Is latex a chemical?" or "Is latex mixed with chemicals to make foam?"

Organic Latex Mattress Topper Collection by Go Rest

Latex is in fact an organic material that originates from rubber trees. The liquid or sap that is produced by the rubber tree is harvested via a sustainable process and then blended with other organic substances. This mixture is then baked thoroughly to acquire organic latex, which is then used to produce and manufacture organic latex mattress toppers. A mattress topper is a detachable layer that is placed on the top of your mattress
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for a more comfortable sleep. A quality topper creates a good balance by giving support to a bed that is getting far too soft while it can also add on softness to a bed that has gotten too hard and rigid without decreasing its support.

An organic latex topper is a perfect hack for adding extra lifespan to your mattress. You might argue that getting a fresh topper is pointless as the bedding already contains layers of padding, but these mean much more than just a cover for your bed.

There are many more benefits involved in using an organic latex topper. To make it easier for you to understand, we have compiled a list of benefits the organic latex topper has to offer you.

Immense Comfortability

Organic Latex Mattress Topper

A latex mattress topper is a piece of bedding that gives incredible comfort to a sleeper, resulting in a night of blissful sleep. When you lie down on an organic latex mattress topper, you should experience an amazing feeling of being embedded in the mattress, while experiencing good quality support for your body. Organic latex possesses naturally springy qualities that add to the comfort.

Cost-Effective and Useful

There are times when you may not require a fresh mattress, but the mattress that you currently sleep on is just not meeting your expectations. Even though your current mattress may be a bit old, it can still survive a few more years before having to be tossed out. In these cases, it is preferable to use an organic latex topper to provide extra plushness to the current mattress and add a few more years to its lifespan. This will save you wads of cash and allow you to build a healthy environment around you and your family.

Helps in Pain Relief

Latex mattress toppers are the perfect healing aid for those who suffer from arthritis and backache. In fact, many medical professionals in the fields of chiropractic, histopathology, and physiotherapy have prescribed sleeping on organic latex toppers for a relaxing, painless sleep. The springy nature of organic latex encourages and enhances spinal cord alignment, which will result in the treatment of spinal cord ailments and a night of perfectly peaceful sleep.

Volatile-Free Compounds (VOCs)

Numerous chemical volatile compounds or VOCs are involved in the process of manufacturing conventional mattresses. These toxic substances are sometimes released into the air of our bedroom and contaminate the environment and air that we inhale, resulting in various health issues that tend to get worse as time goes by. Organic latex mattress toppers, unlike conventional toppers, are built with 100 percent organic latex and do not have any VOCs in them. Hence, such accessories are really safe for adults and kids to lay on.

Say Goodbye to Mold and Dust Mites

Organic latex is easily resistant to fungus and dust bugs, with no need for further use of poisonous chemicals or insecticides. This is a great benefit for users living in moist and warm conditions. Hence, latex mattress toppers can also shield a conventional mattress from the growth of mold and dust bugs, giving the customer a clean exterior to rest on.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

Natural latex naturally repels molds, dust bugs, numerous allergens, and insects. This makes latex mattress toppers a great option for people who are suffering from asthma and allergies. What this means is that a person can sleep on a natural latex topper, without continuously fretting about getting allergies and related health problems.

Antimicrobial Qualities

Microbes have brought with them a mountain of medical problems for people. The microbes get a safe refuge – free of bright light and rich in heat and moisture – to flourish and grow between the numerous layers of conventional mattresses. The bottom layers of the usual mattress offer the ideal breeding place for these environmentally damaging microbes. This can lead to odor, sickness, and more issues.

Organic latex is resilient to bacteria and is hence, a harsh environment for these microbes to reproduce and worsen. Mattress toppers are manufactured from organic latex. Hence, they offer an extra layer of security sandwiched between the sleeper's body and the bed.

Pressure Relieving Properties

One of the biggest advantages of sleeping on an organic latex mattress topper is its highly beneficial strain alleviating properties, which contribute to a night of good sleep. Organic latex mattress toppers give the right blend of assistance to help relieve the pain from your knees, shoulders, waist, spine, and other sections of the body when you get up in the morning. Ensure that you are purchasing a mattress topper created from 100 percent organic latex otherwise you may not enjoy the full advantages of this material.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

The production process, as well as the disposal technique of latex, is entirely green and environmentally sustainable. In fact, the vulcanization of latex, which changes the foam into the sap, is also an environmentally friendly process. An organic latex mattress topper does not have any chemical substances and is hence, totally safe for the surrounding environment.

Although there are many benefits of having an organic latex mattress topper, you might still be confused about when it is best to purchase it. Here at Go Rest, we have the best, high-quality organic latex toppers to suit your needs. To help you out with making a decision on your purchase, we have compiled a list of top reasons as to why people purchase Go Rest organic latex toppers.

The Mattress is Too Firm

Go Rest organic latex toppers give you the option of having a customizable sleeping arrangement to suit your needs. With many different support layers, the toppers allow separation and softness between your body and a harder mattress. Since all our sleeping requirements are unique, an extra luxurious layer is excellent for those who require a buoyant sleep structure. With a Go Rest topper, you will receive a naturally pure organic rubber that is comfier, more flexible, and enhanced for easing pressure points and giving unparalleled comfort and assistance, while absorbing the shock waves created by any movement of the body.

The Mattress is Too Old

If your mattress is quite old and you are not able to buy a new mattress then the Go Rest latex topper is ideal for you. By placing a topper over your current mattress, you add new life and vibrancy to your bed. This new addition to your bed may improve your sleep and increase the lifespan of your bed.

The Mattress Feels Too Hot

The problem of a warm bed and one that traps in body warmth is a problem with many sleepers. The Go Rest organic latex topper is made with a breathable air-flow design that enables pockets of air to be dispersed throughout the topper. These air pockets drive away any unwanted heat from the body. Making it a perfect material to sleep on in hot and humid weather conditions.

Not a Fan of Memory Foam or Pockets?

The springiness of an organic latex topper provides a softer top layer for you to sleep on. Although, the organic latex design contains a layer that does not create an indenture in your bed. When you lay down on the topper, it fits molds to the shape of your body perfectly, but when you wake up, it resumes back to the original shape of the topper.

Pain Relief for Body Ache

Go Rest topper collection

Go Rest latex toppers are made specifically for pressure point relief. If you are not able to buy a new pressure point relief mattress, then an organic latex topper might be the best option. With a choice between 2" or 3" layers of thickness, Go Rest toppers are ideal for luxurious protection against a firm mattress. Our topper allows you to evenly distribute your body weight which in turn reduces the strain on pressure points and provides support for your back, hips, and legs.

No matter what your sleep needs are, Go Rest is here to guide you through the process of improving your sleep and reducing your discomfort. Order an organic latex topper today and get FREE shipping in Canada.