Pillow Collection

A pillow that suits your sleeping style is perhaps as important as choosing a supportive mattress and the quality bedding that goes on it.

When it comes time to choose a new pillow, there are a few things to consider - your budget, your size and weight and your preferred sleeping positions. Selecting a pillow that strikes the perfect balance of comfort and support is vital. Your pillow should feel comfortable all night, from the moment you drift off to the moment you wake in the morning.

How a pillow is best suited to you depends on the profile and the type of fill. The profile of a pillow refers to its height - low, medium or high - in relation to the position of your head. The type of fill creates the firmness of a pillow - soft, medium or firm.

The pillow that best suits you is relative to both body size and sleeping style. For instance, if you have a large frame and are a side sleeper, a slightly higher profile and denser fill are required for support. Alternatively, if you have a smaller frame and sleep on your back, a lower profile, less dense pillw might be best. Your comfort ultimately depends on what you like, so there are sometimes exceptions.