Latex Pillow Collection

A latex pillow can make all the difference

Pillows are only for comfort, right? Think again. While pillows give us that extra comforting and cozy feeling we need to fall asleep, the right pillow can change the quality of your sleep. Most people don’t know that finding the right pillow for your body can be just as important to your night’s rest as finding the right mattress. But what’s the right pillow? It’s different for everyone, but you can't go wrong with a latex pillow from Go Rest.

The best one for you will depend on your budget, sleep style, body type, and overall preference. Because of the thoughtful design and quality latex of our pillows, they can even help relieve aches, pains, and pressure while you sleep, helping you get the rest you need to keep going. Pillows that are too soft or too firm can do just the opposite. That’s why you can be as picky as Goldilocks when choosing your pillow. 

Many people don’t know that their pillow is one of the main reasons their neck hurts and feels stiff in the morning. But just as much as pillows can cause upper body discomfort, they can also relieve it. That’s why we made our Go Rest Pillow Collection.


Certified Organic Pillows

You lay your face on your pillow every night. The last thing you want is to fall asleep breathing in harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. You deserve a healthy, more natural night’s sleep. That’s why our pillows are made of 100% certified organic latex. 

Our natural latex contains antimicrobial properties, helping keep out more mites, bed bugs, allergens, mold, and mildew compared to other pillows. Of course, we make sure your pillow cover is natural too –– it’s made of 100% cotton and is certified carbon neutral.

If you struggle with allergies or neck pain, look no further than our natural latex pillows. Natural latex doesn’t release harmful toxins and is biodegradable, making it a much better alternative for the environment. Plus, its longevity helps you reduce the unnecessary waste of going through pillows quickly.

15-Year Warranty

Natural latex keeps its shape and doesn’t break down as easily over time like many other pillows. It molds to your head and neck without flattening out quickly like some memory foam and feather pillows. 

Because we use such high-quality materials, we have the confidence the provide a 15-year warranty on our pillows! Get ready for the best comfort, sleep, and value of a lifetime. Let’s take a closer look at our Go Rest Pillow Collection.

Go Rest Pillow Collection: Choosing The Right One For You

At Go Rest, we have a variety of pillows designed for your unique sleeping style. When reading through our products, note that the terms, “high, medium, and low” refer to the pillow’s height in reference to how high or low your head is resting on the pillow. The terms, “soft, medium, or firm” refer to the type of fill of the pillow.

Classic High Loft Pillow


 Height: 7 - 8” (18 - 20 cm)

Weight: 6 - 8 lbs

Firmness: Soft (20ILD), Medium (30ILD)


Get ready to sleep soundly with our Classic High Loft pillow. This pillow captures our standard design. Its combination of height, weight, and firmness allow it to support your neck more fully. It can promote a smooth, good night’s sleep and provide that comforting feel you look for in a pillow.

If you’re a side sleeper, medium - high profile pillows like this are best. Since Classic High Loft is a thicker pillow, it can give you the extra support you need when sleeping on your side. 

Go Rest tip! You can also buy a pillow to tuck between your knees for added support and alignment for your spine and hips. 

Classic Low Loft Pillow

Height: 4 - 5" (10-13 cm)

Weight: 4 - 5 lbs

Firmness: Soft (20ILD), Medium (30ILD)


Our Classic Low Loft pillow is low in profile and high in quality. Just like our Classic High Loft pillow, it can effectively support your neck and provide your upper body some extra comfort while you sleep.

Opt for this pillow if you’re a stomach sleeper. Sleep experts recommend to avoid sleeping on your stomach, as it can awkwardly strain your neck throughout the night. However, if you find yourself sleeping like this often, this is the best option.

Go Rest tip! If you’re a stomach sleeper, it helps to place a thin, low-profile pillow, like our Classic Low Loft, under both your under head and hips to keep your back aligned. 


Frequently Asked Question: What is the difference between a high profile latex pillow and a low profile one?

Go Rest offers 2 versions of our classic organic latex pillows, depending on your sleeping position. For side sleepers, medium to high profile pillows are best, and are 18-20 cm in height. Stomach sleepers would be best suited to the low loft pillow, only 10-13 cm high.


Latex Contour Pillow

Contour Pillow


Height: 4 - 6” (10 - 15 cm) 

Weight: 4 - 6 lbs 

Firmness: Soft (20ILD)


According to the Oxford Dictionary, “contour” means to “mold into a specific shape, especially one designed to fit into something else.” Our Contour pillow does just that.

It recognizes and supports the curve of your neck and spine, making it highly beneficial in relieving pressure on your upper body and head, promoting a good night’s rest. 

Opt for our organic latex contour pillow if you sleep on your back, as it can help you stay aligned and supported. 

Go Rest tip! This is the best position for those with any sort of back pain or surgery. Investing in a knee bolster or pillow can help those experiencing either.

Latex Body Pillow

Latex Body Pillow



Height: 36” long



Why only support your head when you can support your whole body? Our full-length natural latex body pillow is designed to provide comfort to your entire body while relieving pressure points. It can help keep your spine fully aligned, which is the key to waking up refreshed rather than exhausted. 

This is a great pillow to place between your legs and knees for that extra back support or behind your upper body if you struggle with heartburn at night.

Go Rest tip! If you’re an expecting mother, you know it can be often uncomfortable forcing yourself to sleep on your side. A body pillow can help make this experience more comforting while supporting your mid and upper body.

Like all our pillows, our body pillow keeps its shape and lasts much longer than most other pillows on the market, thanks to our 100% certified organic latex material and process. 

A pillow that suits your sleeping style is perhaps as important as choosing a supportive mattress and the quality bedding that goes on it.

When it comes time to choose a new pillow, there are a few things to consider - your budget, your size and weight and your preferred sleeping positions. Selecting a pillow that strikes the perfect balance of comfort and support is vital. Your pillow should feel comfortable all night, from the moment you drift off to the moment you wake in the morning.

How a pillow is best suited to you depends on the profile and the type of fill. The profile of a pillow refers to its height - low, medium or high - in relation to the position of your head. The type of fill creates the firmness of a pillow - soft, medium or firm.

The pillow that best suits you is relative to both body size and sleeping style. For instance, if you have a large frame and are a side sleeper, a slightly higher profile and denser fill are required for support. Alternatively, if you have a smaller frame and sleep on your back, a lower profile, less dense pillw might be best. Your comfort ultimately depends on what you like, so there are sometimes exceptions.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your sleep, purchase from our Go Rest Pillow Collection today!