Adjustable Beds

Are you interested in an adjustable bed? There are many benefits to a bed that is fully adjustable, such as the Boss Series, including improving the quality and comfort of any type of sleeper. Here are a few.

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Relieves Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain? To some sufferers, this is a big deal. According to pain specialists, some form of back pain will eventually affect 82% of adults at one point during our lives. Having an adjustable bed can go a long way to relieve the pain by reducing pressure and alleviating the strain on the lower and mid areas of your back. The adjustability of these beds shifts the tension away from the lower and mid back by raising either the back and/or the foot section of the bed.

Reduces Snoring

Both the sound from snoring that can awaken even the deepest sleeper to the related health risks caused by snoring can be greatly reduced by adjusting and increasing the incline of an adjustable bed.

If you suffer from the disruption and the amount of high quality deep sleep you or your partner deserve each night, then an adjustable bed is for you.  By using an adjustable bed to create an incline for your body, you'll find the perfect position that both supports your neck properly, and by allowing your windpipe to stay open as well.

Improve Mobility

Do you have difficulty getting in and out of bed? Tired, strained or injured muscles make it sometimes difficult to easily get in and out. An adjustable bed allows you to avoid using these muscles. By raising the back of your bed into a near upright position, you'll be able to easily get in and out of bed from a sitting position.

Do More than just Sleep

Although we spend a third of our lives in bed, some spend more reading, watching TV or just relaxing. An adjustable bed allows you to find comfort doing all these things and more, ensuring the proper posture and finding the optimal comfortable positions. Do way more than just get great sleep with an adjustable bed from Go Rest.

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