What to Expect

Thanks for visiting us and a big warm welcome from Go Rest! We truly believe that Go Rest offers the best options if you're looking for an organic option for your sleeping comfort - one that is cost-effective and also durable as well as being 100% certified organic.

If you are shopping for a new mattress, topper or pillow, we know that you might be wondering about how to choose the correct firmness or configuration. If you have engaged with our chat bot and are still hesitant to correctly select the best firmness for you, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to recieve a call back at a time that is suitable to you from a Go Rest expert, ready to answer any lingering questions.

You might also be concerned about the way the shipping and guarantee work. What can you expect when you place an order with Go Rest? It is our aim for you to have a great experience and we fully expect that you will be satisfied with your purchase. So, what can you expect?


Processing Your Order

After you have placed your order with us, we will begin to process your order, which is done on business days. We will then arrange for shipping and create a tracking code and notify you so you can keep tabs on its delivery. It will take a few weeks for you to receive your purchase.


Upon delivery of a mattress or topper to your curb, you can expect to find a very large and heavy package. No surprise there, as latex is quite heavy and can be a bit difficult to handle with just one person. You'll need to make sure you have help to move the package inside.


Once inside, carefully open the cardboard packaging, taking care not to cur through the protective plastic and damaging the fabric and latex. You'll then need to carefully unroll the mattress or topper and place it on your bed support. Don't be alarmed if it looks too thin, as it will rebound quickly from being compressed during shipping.


Included with your purchase will be original copies of the certification certificates assuring you of the purity of the latex used. These certificates will contain the tracing numbers of the manufacturing lot and all the other contact information from the certification bodies. These are included for your benefit only and do not need to be kept for warranty purposes.

First 30 Nights

Getting used to the first few nights will be, of course, be different at first. You should immediately be able to feel the support that latex provides, as well as the warming effect, if your room is cool, or the cooling effect if the ambient temperature is warmer. You might also notice a faint vanilla like scent of the natural latex. As this is a natural product there is a percentage of moisture that will naturally dissipate over the next few months.



Over the next few weeks your body will naturally acclimatize to the new sensation of sleeping on latex. Allow the first 30 days to become fully comfortable and naturally unaware of your new experience.

After 30 Nights

After fully acclimatizing to the feeling of your new mattress, in rare instances you might feel that a slightly firmer, or softer feel is what make you feel even more comfortable. This might also be the case many years on. You can always add an extra layer or swap the top layer for a different firmness. This is what makes the organic mattresses that Go Rest offers truly remarkable. Not only can you customize the each layer, you can also customize each side with different core firmnesses in double, queen and king sizes.