Natural Latex Mattresses

Natural latex mattress

Are you shopping for a new foam mattress? There are a variety of types of foam materials to choose between, from hi-density, to memory and gel foam to natural and organic latex. Each type of foam has pros and cons - some are more inexpensive, some are made with man made products. Only organic latex is truly natural, though, and we'll see that sleeping on natural latex mattresses have a whole bunch of other surprising benefits as well. 

Unlike conventional synthetic foam or spring coil mattresses with padding, natural latex is a very durable product and made of 100% completely natural materials. Synthetic latex is fabricated to mimic natural latex and may even contain a certain portion of natural latex, and sometimes referred to as “natural latex.” However, only pure, certified latex can be called “organic latex.”

Natural, organic latex is naturally temperature regulating, keeping sleepers warmer during cold temperatures and cooler during the warmer seasons. Organic latex does this naturally. Synthetic latex often has additives, such as gels to reduce the heat that synthetic latex does not effectively dissipate. Additionally, natural latex has breathable qualities, synthetic foam less so.



Latex mattresses and toppers provide comfort that is noticeably superior to coil systems when they are specified correctly to match the sleeping positions and weight of the sleeper. Latex foam minimizes pressure points by supporting the weight and conforming to a person's body shape. Sleep comes naturally to a person because of the total support latex offers and is sustained because latex foam naturally absorbs the movements when sleeping with another person's shifting movements.

Benefits of Certified Organic Latex

There are many benefits to sleeping on natural latex mattresses instead of other synthetic types of latex, such as memory foam. Only certified organic latex can receive eco certification, and:


  • Offers total support for your body
  • Offers total comfort and minimizes pressure points by conforming to body shape
  • Is noiseless
  • Absorbs movement
  • Has a slight, natural “vanilla” odour which is pleasant to most people
  • Is self-ventilating & moisture regulating; body perspiration dissipates quickly
  • Offers extended durability, remaining consistent and will last well beyond the warranty limits
  • Is temperature regulating; it warms in the winter, cools in the summer
  • Is pure and organic, not synthetic or carcinogenic, like other synthetic latex products
  • Is completely free of any man-made materials
  • Is 100% biodegradable and completely breaks down when disposed of, naturally
  • Is naturally anti-fungal/mould/mildew; it resists fungal growth
  • Is dust-mite resistant
  • Is bed bug resistant
  • Can be certified as being organic
  • Is environmentally sustainable

Natural latex has many interesting, natural qualities and benefits for our health, the quality of our sleep and our environment. One of the drawbacks to latex, however, is that latex costs a bit more to produce than most synthetic materials. And, depending upon the method of latex production, it can be more heavier than synthetic foam and therefore costs more to transport.

The good news is that natural latex mattresses and toppers are not that much more expensive than their synthetic counterparts and it is not hard to justify choosing them, given the long list of beneficial advantages. If one values the quality of one’s sleep and cares about their environment, and wants a sustainable and environmentally viable option, natural latex is the natural choice.