Organic Latex Mattresses

Go Rest 100% Certified Organic Latex Mattress Collection

There are many healthy benefits to sleeping on natural organic latex mattresses instead of other synthetic types of polyurethane foam, such as memory foam. Only certified organic latex can receive eco certification, and does not have any VOCs. 

Why Organic Latex?

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. Let’s make it count.

A good night's sleep gives us the energy to show up better in our everyday lives and responsibilities. It’s what recharges our batteries and fuels our tanks.

In order to get this rest you deserve, you need a comfortable mattress that perfectly fits your sleeping style, from optimum temperature, pressure regulation, to spinal alignment.

You can enjoy all of these benefits with our five all-natural organic latex mattresses, offering eco-friendly alternatives and superior motion isolation.


A Bit More About Us

About Go Rest

Of course, we’re not the only mattress company out there. A vast range of other mattresses offers these options – however, they do so at a cost. 

Many of them contain dangerous chemicals, flame retardants, and other materials that can be hazardous, both to the environment and to our health. This is where our organic latex mattresses come in. 

Their durability provides a great alternative to relieving back and joint pain. They can mitigate allergies and support your back without the harsh or damaging chemicals.

It’s the ultimate choice for your health.


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World's First Certified Organic Mattresses

These days, the term “organic” can be thrown around casually on products without any explanation. How can you know what’s the real deal?

Global Latex Organic Certification


Certification gives you the peace of mind that the manufacturer followed every industry standard in their operation and their range of practices align with improving overall health. At Go Rest, we’re proud to say our products are the world's first certified organic mattresses with proper eco-certification.



The Go Rest Organic Latex Mattress Collection

Go Rest Organic latex layers

Our organic latex mattresses are designed with your unique needs in mind. They feature several layers of certified organic latex, offering you unmatched comfort. Additionally, they are available in various configurations that suit any budget level. With maximum attention to detail, we ensure that these mattresses are compatible with your weight and preferred sleeping position.

Go Rest latex mattresses are designed and constructed with multiple layers of certified organic latex providing unparalled comfort, in configurations suitable for every budget, and specified to your weight and preferred sleeping position.


Organic M Series

The Go Rest Organic M series Latex Mattresses come in either 7" or 9" options.


Organic M1

The Organic M1 has a single 6-inch latex core. The materials utilized to create this masterpiece were sourced and processed with great care and detail to effectively support the heaviest part of your body while cushioning and contouring. They offer pressure relief while minimizing any excessive sinking. In essence, it allows your body to stay supported while keeping your spine in a state of rest in its natural position. 


Organic M2

The cover of the M2 organic latex mattress is 1-inch and 100% certified organic cotton. This material has a reputation to be one of the most breathable mattress-covering materials currently in the market. Our cotton covering is also easily zippered and removable.

Every night, our body temperature varies as we sleep. This is why we sometimes wake up in the night super hot and desperate for cool air. To help combat this, our cotton covering absorbs your body heat throughout the night, helping you stay cool, dry, and asleep. Not only does it promote dryness and coolness during summer, it also guarantees warmth throughout winter, helping you retain your body heat. 

The Organic M2 also features an additional 2-inch topper layer, making it suitable for several sleeping styles and positions. The pressure-relieving property of this mattress option is a must-see and is definitely one of our favorite features. It combines comfort and support to relieve pressure from various parts of the body, such as the hips, knees, back, and shoulders. 

Long story short, this globally certified organic plated mattress works to draw stress and tension while giving you that smooth and weightless night’s sleep.


Organic One Mattress

A good day depends on the night before. Since a good night's sleep can improve the quality of your day, one of our main goals is to create a mattress that promotes uninterrupted sleep. If that’s what you’re here for, you’ll love our Organic One mattress.

The Go Rest Organic One Customizable series latex mattresses are available in 9 inches with a 6-inch organic latex core and a 2-inch latex comfort topper. This extra layer is primarily responsible for its fine-tuned feel, giving your that plusher or firmer feel, depending on your preferred firmness and thickness.

Organic One offers unparalleled elastic quality. It isolates motion transfer across its surfaces. So, if your partner tosses and turns at night, you might not even feel their movement.

Organic One is durable and strong. It’s made with materials that tend to have some of the most extended lifespans currently in the ecosystem.

In addition, it has a removable cotton cover, which is certified organic per global industry standards. It comes in a split latex core, customizable in Double, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes.


Organic G Series

The Go Rest Organic G Series Latex Mattresses are the real-life representation of luxury and comfort. Top-quality performance, sustainable manufacturing process, and soft feel distinguish these mattresses.

The organic cotton cover provides a highly breathable mattress option that effectively controls moisture. This material helps to keep the body at its natural temperature while cutting out every chemical, ickiness, or off-gassing that synthetic foams feature.

The comfort system consists of a latex topper, which is well-known for its moderately comforting feeling and responsiveness. It’s what gives this mattress an edge over its competitors.

The Go Rest Organic G Series Latex Mattresses are the ultimate in luxurious comfort and individual customization is available for Double, Queen, King and Cal King sizes.


Organic G2

The sleep experts have spoken.: “It is mind blowing.”

Considering its luxury, support, and eco-friendliness, the Go Rest Organic G2 Latex Mattress is one of the closest things to perfection.

The Organic G2 latex mattress has a luxurious organic cotton cover, which serves as a hypoallergenic alternative with proper protection with our treatment mechanism. Thanks to the 2-inch organic latex topper, this mattress responds to every movement while going easy on your acupressure points and providing you a clean and healthy sleep.

This topper fortifies the 9-inch mattress, and the organic cotton further fine tunes it with a soft touch, giving you 100% of those cozy vibes. The 6-inch customizable core offers an unparalleled comfort level, making it ideal for your unique sleeping style.


Organic G5

Not only is it luxurious, but the Organic G5 Interchangeable Latex Mattress was also made from 100% natural and organic materials, which are fully customizable. This customization provides you with solutions to your unique sleep needs. You can select your preferred level of firmness for each layer.

Its 4-inch customizable core, featuring an on-call natural framework, allows for excellent breathability. The split 4-inch latex core has customization options available in Double, Queen, King, and Cal King.

Organic G5 comes with a 2-inch 100% latex top layer, an additional 2-inch 100% organic latex mid comfort layer, and all the breathability you need. 

It’s that heaven-on-earth kind of comfort.

With the Organic G5 interchangeable latex mattress, no one has to worry about comfort, health, or durability – it’s an all-in-one.

But we can’t forget about its natural luxurious organic cotton cover. This is a cost-effective yet high-quality mattress cover option. Aside from improving your sleep quality, this low-maintenance option will save you some cash in the long term, as it elongates the lifespan of mattresses.


Organic G5 Plus

The Organic G5 Plus Interchangeable Latex Mattress is a 100% natural and organic latex mattress, created from several layers of organic latex. This full 11-inch mattress features a covering of organic cotton, a 2-inch organic latex top layer, a 6-inch customizable core, and an additional 2-inch 100% latex mid comfort layer, which varies in firmness and thickness to ensure maximum comfortability.

The Organic G5 Plus Interchangeable Latex Mattress offers a variety of firmness options to match your unique needs. The type of latex used in the comfort layer determines its firmness. These layers can be separated to suit the needs and match the preferences of the end-users.

For instance, if the firmness is not enough, we can customize it to create a firmer sleeping surface. In essence, its revolutionary design makes it easy to access and customize. The split 6-inch core is customizable for Double, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes.

Irrespective of the firmness and depth option you choose to select, Organic G5 Plus Interchangeable Latex Mattress is made with 100% organic materials. All with healthy living and sound sleep in mind.

The Go Rest organic latex mattress doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found in some other mattresses. Even everyday items at home emit hazardous volatile organic compounds. These compounds enter the bloodstream and can result in multiple health hazards in years to come. If you are searching for an organic latex mattress in Canada, Go Rest has you covered.