How to Buy a Mattress Guide

Welcome to Go Rest! We make it easy to find out the information you’ll need to help you select the mattress that’s right for you.

If you are unsure what kind of experience to expect when ordering online we’ll help with that too. We’ll also walk you through the process of ordering and what to expect when you receive and sleep for the first time on your mattress, topper or pillow of your dreams.


Why Buy a Mattress Online?

But firstly, is buying a mattress online a good, viable option, or are there risks and are their things to watch out for? While there is no doubt that more and more people are embracing online shopping and proving that it is an easier way to get almost anything you want or need, there can be uncertainties. Online shopping is more convenient and usually less costly than buying from a bricks and mortar shop, but is it better, specifically for buying a mattress? Can you get the correct information and make an informed buying decision about something so individual and large, and frankly important as a mattress?

So called “Bed in a Box” mattress products have, in a very short time, now become very mainstream. Perhaps you’ve seen TV or sponsored social media ads for brands such as Casper, Purple or one of the hundreds of other types of foam and hybrid mattresses, that are often vacuum compacted into cute looking boxes and shipped right to your door. Perhaps you’ve wondered if it is actually a good way to buy your next mattress? If you have taken the trouble to start to investigate it, most everything you read online, including the reviews, appear to echo that certain brands are better than others.

There is an online battle being waged right now for the consumers dollars in the mattress niche. While you can find seemingly endless review type websites offering both glowing and guarded reviews of mattresses, you should also look for and actually read the “affiliate disclaimer” or “disclosure,” usually located near the bottom of the site, to check if the reviewers are being paid for their endorsements. And usually they are being paid to endorse certain products over others, which begs the question if their review is really as unbiased as they make it sound. Online shopping is a great way to get what you want, when you want it, and to be able to shop conveniently in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure, without the hassle of dealing with sales reps or hard sell tactics. Mattress review sites have almost replaced the sales rep hard sell and it becomes increasingly more difficult to separate fact from fiction. 

Go Rest makes it easy to shop this way, offering exceptional products, with outstanding product guarantees, at reasonable prices. offering free shipping anywhere in the continental US and Canada right to your doorstep.

What is the Best Mattress “in a Box”?

There is now no doubt that an online revolution is underway. At some point, it is conceivable that most, if not all products will be sold this way, instead of bricks and mortar type stores. Buying a mattress online is now becoming popular and there are many “bed-in-a-box” mattress brands to choose from.

Since mattresses are heavy and cumbersome and therefore costly to ship, those brands that ship them in cute, well designed boxes often choose to make their mattresses of foam material that can be tightly compressed and vacuum sealed. And, once received and carefully opened, it will magically spring back to its original form.

Synthetic polyurethane foam such as hi-density, gel and memory foam is very light and can be compressed to a fraction of its size. Natural latex foam is slightly heavier, because it is naturally more dense and can be compressed only to a degree. When you receive a Go Rest latex mattress, it will be much heavier and might quite possibly be shipped in separate boxes, depending on the build. Go Rest mattresses are made with natural latex because we believe that this is far superior to synthetic foam, and will last significantly longer, and although less convenient to ship and receive, we think it is better for your comfort, support and the environment.


Why Buy an Organic Latex Mattress?

Go Rest carries 100% certified organic latex for the reason that it's the best that you can get. While other popular types of foam products such as memory foam and synthetic latex is an option, we believe that you cannot find a better material for bedding than organic latex.

Unlike conventional synthetic foam or spring mattresses, natural latex is breathable, durable and made of 100% natural materials. Latex is also naturally temperature regulating, keeping sleepers warmer during cold temperatures and cooler during the warmer seasons.

Natural latex mattresses provide comfort that is noticeably superior to synthetic foam by minimizing pressure points and conforming to a person's body shape each night. There are no impressions left and sagging like a coil mattress. Sleep comes naturally because of the total support and by the fact that movement is absorbed when sleeping besides another sleeper. Natural latex is, well, just that - natural - which means it is completely free of any man-made materials.

There are many additional benefits to sleeping on natural latex mattresses instead of other synthetic types of latex, such as memory foam. The other main reason that organic latex mattresses are superior to synthetic foam or traditional spring coils is that it lasts. In fact, natural latex will outperform all other materials and that is why we can offer a 25 year warranty. A natural, certified organic latex mattress might actually be the last mattress you will have to purchase.


Organic Latex Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers can add an element of luxury to any mattress. Bring all the best features of natural latex to a comfort layer that will improve any mattress. Organic latex mattress toppers provide a natural comfort, and as it is closest in contact with your body, the natural latex provides natural temerature regulating properties - keeping you cool in warmer months and cooler in the winter ones.

Go Rest latex toppers come in 2" or 3" thicknesses, which are the most common ones for toppers. They are covered by a durable zippered, washable cover that will last.

When you select a topper, be sure that you consider the quality, which is the most important thing for the most comfortable sleep, one that is durable that will last the longest.

Go Rest natural latex toppers are warranteed for 15 years, which are far longer than what you can expect from a synthetic foam topper.

The Importance of Sleep

Healthy sleep is one of the most important elements of a person’s health. The steps taken to ensure you get the best sleep possible will be the most important set of decisions one could make. Go Rest believes that you don't have to compromise on getting the quality products that promote a good nights’ sleep.

Think about it. If you are sleeping on a mattress or pillow that is uncomfortable or not supportive, you might be losing precious sleep. But who actually likes the experience of trying to select and then buy a mattress that suits your needs? Mattress shopping can be daunting to say the least. There are so many options, types of mattresses, promotions and gimmicks and of course, endless mattress sales. Springs, coils, pockets and foam? Or, just pure, natural organic latex.

When you choose our products, we guarantee that you won't be confused. We have refined our custom foam products over the past 10 years, and our customers love what we do.


Healthy, Natural Sleep


There are few who would deny that a mattress is the single most important factor that contributes the most to getting a good, healthy nights’ sleep.

Comfort, support and temperature regulation all play an important part of the overall factors for a quality rest. There are pros and cons to all materials, of course, but there is a growing trend towards more healthy, naturally sourced materials, rather than those derived synthetically.

Go Rest is on the leading edge of this growing healthy revolution. Won't you join us?