Hypervent Venting Solution

Keep Dry.

Attention, outdoor adventurers! When camping or boating, the last thing you want to deal with is moldy or mildewy surfaces – especially where you’re trying to sleep or relax. But, when you’re outside in a cool, wet environment, it’s inevitable, right?

Think again.

The nature enthusiast can enjoy the season and store their favourite belongings with assurance and care, thanks to our Hypervent Venting Solution. In our Western Canada home, we enjoy humid weather and a lot of rain, especially in the wintertime. By laying a Hypervent mat underneath your mattress or cushions, you can make your boat, RV, and other gear last even longer.

Hypervent is a revolutionary, practical solution that encourages proper ventilation and prevents condensation from forming beneath RV and boat mattresses, under cushions, or in closets. Hypervent is perfect for the Canadian RV, camping, and marine enthusiast when moisture and condensation are an annoying or even hazardous problem. Cooler, moist environments can be challenging, and keeping things dry and safe from mold and mildew usually involves more than keeping reduced moisture from air spaces. When you winterize this season, be sure to explore the benefits that Hypervent offers.


Benefits of Hypervent Venting Solution

Hypervent creates passageways that allow warm, room temperature air to circulate under mattresses or cushions. This minimizes condensation and growing conditions for mold and mildew. This revolutionary mattress ventilation pad is a practical solution for encouraging proper ventilation. Condensation can easily form beneath boat mattresses and under cushions in humid climates and conditions. With Hypervent, you can allow these surfaces to breathe and delay any mold, mildew, or bacteria from growing and potentially ruining your boat, RV, or other space.


When you’re out exploring and experiencing the great outdoors, you don’t want to bring any fragile materials or gear along. You need a ventilation solution that’s durable –– something you won’t have to replace after using it just one time. That’s why Hypervent is extremely durable. Its strong polypropylene fibers cannot be torn or compressed without extreme pressure. It is built to withstand extreme temperatures and will outlast the life of any mattress or cushion.


Hypervent is lightweight and can be custom cut to any dimension with scissors. It's flexible enough to squeeze into small, tight spaces, like underneath mattresses and cushions. It's easy to clean and dry and is unaffected by detergent, hot water, or steam cleaning. It is virtually maintenance-free! Thanks to its resilient polypropylene fibres, it’s the perfect combination of breathable, durable, and flexible.


How it Works

Hypervent is used to effectively combat condensation build-up underneath cushions, mattresses, and other surfaces. Before we look at how it does that, we need to look at why this condensation occurs in the first place.

Condensation is caused by a conflict of temperatures. Think about when you’re driving through the cold rain or snow in a warm and toasty car. The windows fog up a bit, right? This is due to 1. The trapped moisture and 2. The contrasting temperatures. Moisture can often get trapped under mattresses and cushions and the temperature tends to be different under these surfaces than it is outside of them. This leads to a lot of trapped and problem-causing condensation.

But condensation is just the beginning of the problem. Condensation is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This can ruin your RV or boat and leave you a dangerous mess to clean up later. This is especially common if you don’t winterize your materials, so be sure to order Hypervent before the weather changes.

Hypervent works to combat condensation by preventing it from forming in the first place. It does this by venting the area underneath mattresses, cushions, and such, preventing moisture from getting trapped and keeping the area dry. It gives warm air a pathway through the undersurface, circulates air to prevent moisture from building up, and provides a barrier between any moisture and your mattress or cushion.

To properly use it, simply place it underneath the cushion, mattress, or surface your wanting to keep vented and dry.



Each element of Hypervent is thoughtfully designed to provide you with the maximum benefits. Here’s a breakdown of some of its features, components, and details.

White spun polymer 

  • Woven for maximum breathability and durability 
  • Flexible to fit into the snug under spaces of your mattress, cushion, or item. Easily roll it up later and store it anywhere 
  • Easy to clean and keep dry for low maintenance
  • Cuttable so you can customize it for your specific area

3/4" thick 

  • Its height gives it enough space for it to vent and release moisture
  • Thick enough for utmost durability and longevity
  • Maintains its shape and thickness
  • Raises your mattress or cushion

Flexible material

  • Won’t bother your mattress or surface places above or underneath Hypervent 
  • Lightweight, so you can easily bring and pack it along on your adventures 
  • Has a long lifespan (longer than most mattresses and cushions!)
  • Endures extreme temperatures 
  • Can prevent rust and clogging


Who it’s for

HyperVent is for anyone looking for a simple yet effective solution for ventilation. Whether you have a boat, RV, airplane, camper, or even just need something for your home or apartment, Hypervent is your new best friend.

The Go Rest Hypervent venting solution is perfect for RV, Marine, and outdoor environments in Canada. If you’re looking for a venting solution, look no further than Hypervent. We’re proud to add another high-quality and problem-solving product to our lineup for those searching for a reliable source of Hypervent Canada. Order today from our Go Rest collection!


Hypervent Is The Perfect Solution

Hypervent marineThe Go Rest Hypervent venting solution is perfect for RV, Marine and outdoor environments in Canada.


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