Warrantee Policy

Go Rest latex mattresses come with a full replacement warranty for 25 years.

Go Rest organic latex mattresses are manufactured to the highest standards providing consistent excellence in performance.

Go Rest warrants your latex mattress for a period twenty-five (25) years against factory defects in craftsmanship & material. This includes any physical defect in the mattress that creates the natural latex rubber material to sag, despite normal usage and careful handling. All manufacturing defect in the natural latex core or topper will be replaced free of charges. The mattress cover is not applicable in this warranty. We indemnify that replacement will be considered if there is an indentation of more than one inch (1″) not associated with a sag in the foundation, or platform. If a defect appears during the Twenty-five (25) years of the total replacement guarantee, we will, at our discretion, either repair or replace the mattress (mattress cover not applicable). You will be responsible for shipping costs.


The replacement shall be provided only with the customer’s compliance with the following terms:

Go Rest will replace the mattress core and or topper without charge to the consumer. 

Use of improper foundations, platforms or other foundations upon which the Go Rest mattress is placed, can appear to damage to the product. Should an incorrect base be utilized by the consumer causing the product to fail, the guarantee may be voided.

Go Rest advises that its mattress is suitable for individuals up to 450 pounds and couples of combined weight up to approximately 800 pounds. Go Rest at this moment accepts no responsibility for any loss of performance experienced when these weight guidelines are not obeyed.

Go Rest's guarantee is void if the product is found to have been tampered with or misused by the customer. Reasonable wear will not apply if the product has been damaged willfully or due to an accident and or neglect, including such things as burns, cuts, water damage, smoke, bodily fluid contamination, stains, or is otherwise soiled or unsanitary. This guarantee is valid only to the consumer of the mattress as indicated on the original sales invoice. The tag must not be removed from the original bed as this identifies the product regarding a warranty claim and an original bill is required which is the only acceptable proof of purchase.

Additionally, this warranty does not cover conditions resulting from any attempt to clean the product in an inappropriate manner, or incorrect storage of the product, or bearing any evidence of pests or rodents or damages resulting in purchase from resellers who are not authorized retailers.

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT place your Go Rest latex mattress or topper directly on a floor surface without a proper bed platform or frame that allows adequate ventillation. Inadequate ventillation can cause moisture to be trapped which can create an ideal condition for mould and mildew growth. Such damage is not covered by any warranty, under any circumstances.

We do not guarantee our product as a remedy for any particular therapeutic condition and do not warranty against any complications resulting from the use or inability to use this merchandise. 

We do not guarantee individual comfort preferences, sheet fit or height concerns emerging from purchaser’s bed frame. Should this warranty be exercised and your merchandise is replaced and repaired, the warranty will not be extended or renewed. We make no warranty beyond those terms and conditions stated.


Purchasers Rights

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from province to province (state to state).


Warranty Claims

How to make a warranty claim: 

Send an email to Go Rest at sales@gorest.ca and include the following information:

  1. Submit a brief written description with a photo of the defect.
  2. Enclose a copy of the original bill of sale.
  3. Submit proof that the law labels are attached
  4. Attach photo images.
After you have sent all of the above information, head over to our appointment booking page and schedule a call to receive a call back at the time scheduled, or call us and leave a message at 1-778-800-0191.

    Comfort Guarantee 

    We understand that like most people in Canada & the USA, you are probably sleeping on the wrong mattress. Go Rest estimates that over 50% of people regret purchasing their new bed after sleeping on it for just 45 days. 

    Let's not fool ourselves, 20 minutes trying out a mattress in the showroom is not adequate enough to determine if the bed selected will adequately support your entire back. (lower, centre and upper back). Your sleep is, ultimately, your quality of life and your health.

    That is why we recommend you never purchase a mattress unless you have at least a 90 Nights Comfort guarantee.

    Please read our terms and conditions.